• Our project is all about helping landlords to be more open minded when considering pets in the home. It is important to note that somebody who can only afford rented accomodation but not a mortgage is still entitled to a happy and healthy life, as regardless of renting or owning, this is our homes.Pets in the home encourage social behaviours, reduce loneliness rates in those who live alone or have issues socialising, and reduce self harm rates.With the proper knowledge and research of small animals, we can save them from poor situations by giving them another chance, especially by adopting from shelters and encouraging pet shops to gain their live stock from shelters across the world.Bunnies are the third most surrendered animal, and many have to be euthanised when shelters reach full capacity, for this reason, rabbits are overpopulated and there is no need for breeding farms, despite most pet shops supporting these.

We advocate for all animals to be allowed in housing under guidelines that can be shown in the lease. Small animals such as Guinea Pigs and Rabbits are most known to be seen of a lesser importance to larger animals such as dogs and cats – when infact these animals also play a large role in emotional support – it is a small price to pay for the enormous help these animals have to people’s health. We offer so many different options of pet proofing the home to protect landlord’s properties- ask us more and lets work together to make the best for landlord and tenant!