Welcome Donna Marie Wood.
Donna has grown up around animals her whole life and is a passionate teacher for youth who struggle with learning disabilities, and has been teaching for twelve years!
Donna grew up in South Africa and has rescued animals herself including her beloved dogs who currently are having to live abroad- Her first rescued dog was called “Spotty Dog!”.
Through this journey she has also acquired skill in first aiding for dogs and vetinary nurse assistant skills!
When Donna was only a little infant, she would regularly have cats sleep with her in her crib, and this is where her love and companionship with animals in life began.
Donna is particularly passionate in the global issues of domestic abuse and wanting to help single mothers, as we regularly help people with mental health at the pancake project, Donna shows great empathy for these areas of needs!
WHERE Might you see this representative?
You might see Donna helping out at our stalls including the GSPCA Seafront Sunday in September.
Donna is looking to create The Pancake Project’s future Twitter social media page- so keep an eye out!
You may see or hear Donna speaking publicly for The Pancake Project at Events or alongside us in our frequent media attention.
Welcome to the team Donna! We are happy to have you on board to help us in creating happy homes for the future!
Donna can be contacted on behalf of The Pancake Project at her email-